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Gary Singley, Director, Cleveland - Bolivar County Animal Shelter

“We are located in the heart of a rural delta community in Cleveland, Mississippi and have a large population of stray dogs. As you can imagine, disease control is our main concern.

We purchased our first system in September and began using it only on our intake portion of the facility. We felt that we could then compare performance with other areas where bleach and other cleaners were being used. I guess in scientific terms, we created "test" and "controlled" sections within the facility. The results have been amazing for us. The "controlled" areas still continued to have small virus and smell issues; the "test" area results were quite different. We have seen only one virus incident and the area never smells like it has dogs in it.

Because of our experience, we are ordering another system to take care of the all other areas in the shelter.“

Alison Smith, Manager - Walker County Animal Shelter, Chickamauga, GA

Walker County Animal Shelter opened the end of July in 2006. During the first three years, this shelter, despite best efforts and reputable product, struggled with upper respirattory in cats and especially dogs!!! Two different Veterinary Clinic use WysiWash in their Boarding Kennels and had little occurance of Bordetella. After visiting those clinics, WysiWash became the product of choice for WCAS. Due to the use of WysiWash, Walker County Animal Shelter maintains healthy animals for a longer period of time. There is rarely any animal sufferings with upper respiratory despite the overwhelming number of animals residing in the shelter! The simple choice to use WysiWash has boosted the morale of the staff, confirms to the public that the shelter does care about the well being of the animals surrendered to the shelter and cuts the medical cost of treatment of sickly animals. For this small, rural, budget challenged deep south county animal control facility, WysiWash is most cost effective and very user friendly. Thank you WysiWash! Because of our experience, we are ordering another system to take care of the all other areas in the shelter.“

Larry Page, Certified Pool & Spa Operator, Daytona Beach Shores, FL

“I manage three condominiums with four pools, so health and safety is our biggest concern. We have over 200 owners and over 1000 guest and renters per year. Since we purchased 6 Wysiwash systems our pool areas have turned around 100%. We have found several uses for the Wysiwash: dumpsters, pool chairs, glass windows, concrete areas, walls, bathrooms, etc. We have posted the information about the Wysiwash on all our properties. We have had several comments on how clean the pool areas are and everyone loves that the properties are sanitized. Our maintenance men love how simple it is to use and how it makes their job easier. I recommend that everyone purchase a Wysiwash system for their business or home.”

Ilene, Camp Ilene, Corona, CA

“I run a cage free boarding and daycare facility out of my home in Corona, CA. I have 1.23 acres of property. I have quite a bit of cement in different areas of my property and until I purchased the WYSI WASH, I had tried many different deodorizing and sanitizing products to keep my facility clean and odor free, spending hundreds of dollars. Each company told me how wonderful their products were, biodegradable, protection from different virus' and bacteria's. I tried odor eliminating products by the gallon as well as powdered products, hanging deodorizers, and on and on. I had heard about the WYSIWASH and actually purchased it two years ago. When I saw how cumbersome the applicator was, I returned the product and started again on my search. After being frustrated with all the other products, I checked the web site again to find that the product had been redesigned with a much better "user friendly" applicator. I have tried it and we all love it here. My staff uses the WYSIWASH and loves to find new things to use it for. As well as cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting our grounds, we use it to clean out water bowls, dog crates, rugs, drain pipes, etc. It has cut down our cleaning time in half! The assistance I have gotten from Ken during our initial period with the product has been phenomenal, matched only by the product's quality. They have gone out of their way to help us and to make sure we are pleased with their product. I will never use anything ever again. Our facility is clean, and when people come to tour, they always comment that there are no doggy odors at all, which surprises them with 20-40 dogs here daily. I highly recommend this product to every kennel owner out there! This is truly the best solution to our odor and sanitary problems! Thanks to you Kenneth and your staff for providing us with a wonderful, cost effective product!”

Carol Mett, Carol's Pampered Pets, Savannah, GA

“I can't begin to express the pleasure I have had using your Pressure cleaner in my kennels. It has been cost efficient as far as chemical supplies I have been purchasing for the past 25 years and in my cut in labor costs... It has been extremely efficient in cutting down on odors and crawling inhabitants that hide in every nook and cranny... until the agriculture inspector arrives. I have tried numerous cleaning devices over the years in my six different kennels and I can honestly say I have finally decided on one thing to stick with.”

Duane Pickel, VONPICKEL K-9 Inc., Tallahassee, FL

“I own a dog boarding kennel and canine training school that trains thirty dogs a month. In addition, my kennel is twelve hundred square feet that houses only six dogs… meaning that each run is very large, made for long-term boarding and training. Some of my clients' dogs remain with me for eighteen months. These dogs are usually champions that are seeking obedience titles to round out their total contribution to the form and function philosophy. Therefore (they) are worth a great deal of money. I must maintain a germ-free and almost sterile environment for them to prevent problems. Your chlorinator does just that! It saves me countless hours each day by replacing the scrub and rinse method with the simplicity of just rinsing. No more green algae, red algae, urine smell and dog smell. My kennel is always fresh and clean. In Florida as you know, we have trouble with hot spots on dogs, and a quick spray from the chlorinator kills the bacterial cause.”

Bill Berry, Bil-Tis, Inc., Augusta, GA

“This unit has been reviewed with interest by Ms. Virginia McLendon, Animal Protection Inspector with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. She states that we have one of the best maintained kennels in the state as far as cleanness. The unit is compact, it saves a tremendous amount of time as it washes down the kennel run, and disinfects at the same time. This is very important to us in relation with man-hours in clean-up.”

Wanda Aker, Mgr., The Family Dog, Lamont, FL

“Health and safety are a primary concern for the clients we serve. For the past two years we have used your (WYSIWASH) as our only sanitizing and disinfecting agent. As you know, dogs don't always come into a kennel clean; and they do not always have clean habits in a strange environment. Dogs also tend to spill water and food, which further creates an environment for odor, insect and disease problems to multiply. We were a new kennel facility when we started using your product. Our clients say their dogs go home with no fleas or kennel odors. The air in our kennel is fresh and clean without the use of cover up deodorizers. The (WYSIWASH), with its power nozzle, reaches and dislodges soiled areas that we could never reach with a scrub mop. We also are impressed by the fact that proper use of this product assures us protection from parvo virus, corona virus, feline panleukopenia, bacterial enteritis, etc. Our veterinarian is now using one of your devices in her clinic. The WYSIWASH also is safer for the animals and the kennel employees. Re-entry into the area is possible without further wash down and no mixing is necessary. We also have not used an insecticide to control fleas, roaches, flies or other insects since we opened our kennel. We feel no odors and daily sanitation is the key to our success. The cost savings with your product is phenomenal. Our kennel uses your product for pennies a day, and our labor costs are minimal (no scrubbing, mixing or waste solution). The Family Dog is environment-conscious and the end products of a WYSIWASH wash down are of no consequence to the environment or to our septic system. We also use the WYSIWASH to wash down portable kennels, animal dishes, reusable air filters, storage bins, garbage containers, kennel pads, and stained clothing (and shoes).”