MIRACLE COVER America's Finest Liquid Sealant
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Miracle Cover out performs the competition!

Our 21st century product has a 20yr Warranty, and is the only one of its kind in the U.S industry for an Inorganic penetrating water based sealer.Protect Your Property It provides low maintenance costs, fewer material replacements and necessary recoats since the product is long lasting. It will not yellow, chip, peel, crack, fade, discolor and is uneffected by Ultra Violet rays, salts, acids, or aging.

Our secret water based formulation is the only one of its kind in the industry and creates an inorganic, synthetic, silicone rubber emulsion water based sealer. Being inorganic, Miracle Cover will not break down as a result of the elements that destroys other organic products on the market. All other organic products can be broken down by elements such as water, salts, acids, UV Rays and Chlorine.

But because Miracle Cover’s synthetic Silicone rubber is inorganic, it resists mildew, mold, insects, rain damage, dry rot, stains, and all the other harsh chemicals listed above. Miracle Cover is almost indestructible by environmental and natural elements. While it protects the treated surface from the environment, it does NOT harm the environment, since Miracle Cover is nontoxic and contains no harmful petrochemical or other toxic ingredients like all the other sealing products on the market today. Miracle Cover is so safe and Environmentally friendly, it is nonflammable, non-explosive, and is unaffected by extreme temperatures, which can cause harmful chemical reactions with other organic proudest on the market.

Miracle Cover performs fantastically in astounding temperature range of -70F to + 400F. Miracle Cover has an elasticity of 400%, and prevents freeze, thaw, peeling, cracking and sprawling.

 MIRACLE COVER protects surface from humidity and other chemicals    Other sealers allow chemical breakdown and decay of surface

One other key feature of Miracle Cover is that it allows the substrate to “breathe” which allows the moisture and chemicals in the substrate to escape without allowing moisture and chemicals to enter through the sealant into the substrate. This is called the perm rate. This characteristic sets Miracle Cover apart from other type of sealers since they are usually surface coating petrol-chemical sealers that trap in the moisture and chemicals, damaging the substrate and top coat of the sealer, while causing cracking, alligatoring, peeling and damage to the sealer itself.

Miracle Cover is so versatile, it can be added to and top coated over all paints (including epoxy) and eliminates the need for a primer coat because Miracle Cover acts as an bonding agent adhesive as well as paint additive. Our tests have shown that adding 1 cup per gallon can double the life of any paint, stain, varnish.

Unlike the other toxic sealers on the market, Miracle Cover dries to touch usually in minutes depending on weather conditions, surface and amount used. Miracle Cover will fully cure in 24hrs. It dries to a clear finish and slightly darkens the color of the surface being coated.

There are just too many uses for this product to list here. Get a gallon and find some new ones today!

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