BEST Equestrian Installation Tips and Instructions

Tools needed: Utility Knife, Straightedge, Tape Measure, Screwdriver, Square, Caulk Gun (optional for adhesive)
  1. Level floor, remove large rocks.
  2. Roll floor for solid compaction.
  3. Roll mat out, measure, and cut.
  4. Roll mat out in stall, and butt edges.
  5. Custom cut-out posts.
  6. Insert seam protector into both sides of mat.
  7. Pull top of seam protector back and apply G.E. Silicone 2801 between seam and protector and mat. Repeat on other side. (Two tubes per side.)
  8. Apply weight to top of seam protector to spread silicone out. Wipe excess away.
  9. Apply 6" to 10" bedding. (Extra bedding is recommended for agressive shoes.)

Supporting Information